Worship Group



We are very blessed to have an amazing Worship Group who lead us in authentic, heartfelt praise and worship of our Lord each Sunday.

The Worship Team meets at Church to practice on Saturday Mornings –

everyone is welcome to come along, to sit and listen to new songs, to join in the singing, to get a first taste of what is being planned for the Sunday Service, and to join in with prayers, praise and worship.

What better way to spend Saturday Morning?!

Worship Team Leader – Brian

I'm the worship leader at Bideford Baptist Church.  When we at BBC found ourselves without a worship leader or musicians, I thought that I could provide some music, with my disco experience, so that we had something temporarily, until something better came along.  I had no plans to be a worship leader and I knew that I wasn't equipped to lead worship.  But through prayer, I knew that God wanted me to pick up the challenge.

As soon as I stepped up, I felt an amazing connection with God.  All of a sudden, I knew how much God loved me.  He was equipping me and He has continued to equip me ever since.  My love for Jesus is immense.  I cannot get over what an incredible man He was/is.  And as l study and worship, my love for Him just grows and grows.  I totally believe in the resurrected life, and love to express my joy in worship.

I am told frequently that I am a blessing to BBC, but the truth is that I am blessed beyond comprehension every day since listening to God and saying YES LORD. 

Worship Team Member – Janice

I have always loved to sing and can read music enough to work tunes out, so have been in many choirs over the years, always in the soprano section, but recently I’m enjoying a new challenge of harmonising with the lower tones as an alto.  I had been in the worship band for a few years and left to help out on the computer to give Pam a break! When Linda left, I felt the pull of worship again and felt I could add my personal touch to it.  Some of the songs are so emotive and praiseworthy that it is definitely not a chore to come to rehearsals and learn new ones.  I am aware that it isn’t a performance but a guidance, to allow God’s words to flow out of us to help to bring people in and focus on Him and leave all their cares on the doorstep before coming into the sanctuary.  I hope that this is just what happens and also the joy I feel when singing will affect others.  God showed me years ago that Dave and I would sing together in church and I couldn’t understand, as he wasn’t even a Christian.  Well, never doubt the Lord, eh?  Here we are both singing our praises to Him with all our hearts.  Praise the Lord always.

Worship Team Member – Jasmine

I am Jasmine, I am 15 years old and Brian's daughter.  On seeing the members of the worship team spiritually gaining so much from their worship, I asked to join in late 2016.

When I first joined the worship team I was very shy, I didn't want to be heard too well, I didn't want to speak or anything like that, just to blend in.  Since then, the Lord has blessed me in many ways, but especially in giving me the courage to speak and sing out confidently, to join in with things, and ultimately to leading a service at short notice when Dad fell ill.  I feel such a greater connection with the Lord than before and feel truly blessed.  All of us in the worship team have such a great fellowship and always have an amazing time together.

Worship Team Member – Coral

At my previous church, I was asked to step down from the worship team after becoming tearful during worship.  When I was asked to join BBC worship team I felt truly blessed.  I feel so close to my Father when I sing for Him.  When I'm singing with the worship team, I can physically feel the Father's hand on my shoulder and His love in my heart.  I am never happier than when I am worshiping my Lord, and here at BBC, if I am moved to tears by the Holy Spirit, it is celebrated, not criticised. 

Worship Team Member – David

Although I’m the oldest member of the worship team, I am the newest arrival to the team (joined Spring 2017).

I am also a new arrival into church life, as I only started attending church two years ago and was baptised in August 2017.  I became interested in Christian music very recently, listening to such singers as Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, etc.  I have always loved music thanks to my parents who used to perform in dance bands in and around the London area for many years during the 1960s/70s.  Being in a worship team means we are praising the Lord via our music and it is my hope that this is also felt by our Church Family.  With my contribution to the team, I feel that, in time, I will draw even closer to God.


Our Mission as a Worship Team is ...

To tell God how much we love Him through our song, dance, music, and words and to encourage others to express their love of God

with complete freedom and joy!