Home Groups


All home groups have been suspended with immediate effect until further notice in order to protect our church family from the Corona Virus

The View – Thursdays, 7.00-9.30pm

'The View' started in 2015 with just 4 people, and has now grown to at least 8 people coming along each week!

We have been studying various subjects, including the life of King David, the 'Fruits of the Spirit' (a series of Joyce Meyer CDs), and more recently, the challenges faced by Moses.

Each week, one of us brings a song to share at the beginning of the evening.  After studying the Bible together, we then have a time of chatting and sharing, and to pray as the Spirit leads us.

All those who attend 'The View' are encouraged to lead us in a study, and to share what God has inspired them to bring to the group.

Although we have specific themes for study and discussion, we also support and pray for each other, especially those who have a particular issue they want help with.  Everyone knows that they can share their troubles at 'The View' in complete confidentiality.

We also organise social evenings from time to time, usually based around sharing food together!


Orchard Feast – Tuesdays, 7.00-9.00pm

We meet every week at Doug and Jenny's beautiful home, coming together to grow in our spiritual life.  This is achieved not only by learning together from the Bible and using Study Guides, Informative Videos, etc., but also by socialising, laughing, crying and praying together.

We would love to welcome new members, so why not pop in for a visit?!


Wednesday Morning Ladies House Group – 10.30-12.30

We meet every week, beginning with tea, coffee and fellowship for the first half-hour.  We open in prayer at 11.00am, then we read a passage from the Bible, followed by an interactive discussion with questions and answers.

Everyone is a valuable member, and their thoughts and opinions count.  If you just wish to sit and listen, that's OK too, as there is no pressure on anyone.

At around 12.10am, we stop the study / discussion, and spend the final 20 minutes or so in prayer.


Men's Bible Study and Discussion Group – On a break until the New Year 

The Men's Group meet in the Lower Church Hall on Thursday Evenings.  We start with a short time of fellowship over tea and coffee, then study and discuss a specific section from the Bible.  We finish our time in prayer and usually conclude at 9.00pm.

This group was formed to give men an opportunity to meet together, study and discuss the Bible, plus other issues relevant to them and their Christian journey.

All men are very welcome to come along to our lively discussions, please join us!


Mother's Prayers – Monthly (every 3rd Monday), 2.00pm

Mothers' Prayers was started in 1995 by two grandmothers who felt led to pray in a special way for their children.  Through prayer, they learned that Jesus wishes all mothers to surrender their children to His care, to take away pain from the mothers and pour blessings on their children.

Mothers' Prayers has now spread throughout the world and is in over 100 countries.  Veronica has written of the wonderful spiritual adventure in the book "The Joy of Surrender unto Him".

We take it in turns to read the prayers in the booklet, and after each, there is space for any promptings by the Holy Spirit.

We have a short Bible Reading, and a Worship Song or Psalm.  We then spend individual time handing our children to God at the foot of the cross, while the rest of the group silently pray for us in turn.

Any ladies wishing to join us to pray for our children would be very welcome.