Men's Page

Here's something recently written by Brian who sings in our worship group.  It gives an insight into what's going on in people's lives...

"Hi Lee.  I wanted to update you following the amazing experience I had at Breakfast Church.  I've been so filled with the Holy Spirit.  I've been blessing everyone that I encounter.  Constantly praising and worshipping God.  I'm so in awe of his majesty and love.  Today I was singing for an elderly friendship group and last night I knew that I had to evangelize to them.  So I turned up today and the place was packed, around 100 people.  I did my usual set then gave my testimony and finished with Amazing Grace.  Everyone loved it and wanted to talk about my faith and experiences with the Lord.  Even after everything was finished and I was loading the equipment into the car people were stopping me to talk about God.  God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.  I am so thankful.  I can't sleep because I'm so excited at what God is doing and it's fantastic.  I really have such a need to share the Lord's magnificence with everyone.  Sorry to go on so much, these have been the best few days of my life."

Those hard working men have been at it again

John and Doug have been demolishing walls and digging out trees and having fun with their "toys"

    John and Doug demolishing the wall                    John and Doug still a lot of trees to chop out              John and Doug a job well done    

                                                                             John and Doug having a rest

Wow  that looks like back breaking work... Job well done you certainly deserve a rest.

Thank you so much for all the hard work we really appreciate you guys. 

Doug and John, the men who were available and happy to team up to paint the exterior of a property owned by the church.

It's not all work though.  We have men's home group at 7.00pm on Thursday evenings at Church and  breakfasts occasionally and other social events arranged on an ad hoc basis.  You are welcome to join any time. Contact John for more details.