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We believe in:

The Lordship of Christ

“Jesus is Lord” is the distinctive confession of faith. As individuals and as churches, we seek to make Jesus Lord of every aspect of their lives.

The authority of the Bible

We believe that the Bible shows us God's way for living. We seek to root our lives in the revelation of Gods truth.

The Baptism of believers

On the basis of the New Testament, we claim that baptism is for believers only. Baptism is only for those who are able to declare “Jesus is Lord”. As a symbol of Jesus’ claim on their lives, we practice baptism by ‘immersion’, in which candidates symbolise their desire to ‘die to self’ and live for Christ.

The priesthood of all believers

In the Baptist model of a believers’ church every member has a role to play, whether in teaching, faith-sharing, evangelism, social action, pastoring, guiding, serving, prophetic insight, praying, healing, administration or hospitality.

The gathered Church

Baptists believe in membership with a local church. Local Baptist Churches appear to be independent of one another but, in fact, they have always been linked together into what we call ‘Associations’. They join with other Baptist churches in an area for support and mission and this is fundamental in our understanding of the church. Together we make up ‘The Baptist Union’. But we are not THE Baptist Church but a union of local churches and Associations. Belonging together in Christ locally is what makes our membership in the world-wide church real.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom for all has always been a keystone of the Baptist way. Within Baptist churches, tolerance for difference of outlook and diversity of practice is encouraged.